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About Us

Shanghai Pushing Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.

Established in 2014,
Dedicating to the supply & development of high-efficient halogen-free flame retardants especially for polycarbonate, anti-dripping agent, wear-resistance agent, oil proofing agent, waterproof agent and other fluoropolymer additives.
ur office headquarters is situated in Shanghai,
Factory is located in Quzhou, Jiangsu,
Research & development laboratory is situated in Dongguan, Guangdong.

Product Quality

-All products can offer test reports via SGS, and guarantee to improve the product quality.

Service Promise

-To adequately communicate with customers before order.
-To bring customers an understanding of features, properties and processing suggestions of various products via all kinds of channels.
-To help customers choose the right grand of products.
-To ensure continuously-improving service quality.


-Make customers satisfied, believe in us, and feel the value beyond price.


-Keep improving, create breakthrough and innovation.

Core Value

-Specially-oriented plastic additives upgrade the value of customers products.

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